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The world’s top street dancers meet in a supercharged atmosphere of exchange, rivalry and adrenalin. With an MC to warm up the room, a DJ to blast the speakers, and a jury that leaves no stone unturned, the dancers are ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Who will be this year’s real “Jack Of All Trades”?
Get ready for a spectacular experience!


Momo (Japan)
Hannibal (USA)
Fléau (Canada)


Kae (France)
Nasty Ray (USA)
Elon The wandering spirit (Canada)


Fleg (USA)

To take part in a battle as a dancer, you must first be selected during the Prelims and detain a ticket for the chosen battle ($).

JOAT 2023 - 3 Battles Package

PACKAGE 3 supercharged evenings!
Breaking, Hip Hop and Popping — treat yourself to the full JOAT experience and get a discount!

$40 / Battle
$100 / 3 Battles package

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