📅 Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th
🕑7:45 pm – 8:00 pm
📍2-22 building – 2, Ste-Catherine E.
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Abdel-Hanine  “Abnormal “

Abdel-Hanine “Abnormal” Madini is a Montreal dancer specializing in Popping, an illusionary dance. With his charismatic approach, he mixes robot and mime and gives it a comic touch. Abdel-Hanine made an impact in the dance scene nationally and he also stands out internationally. His talent and skills made him win many competitions. He has worked on several occasions with Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Les FrancoFolies de Montreal. Today, he continues to push his art through mentorship, continues to improve his skills and his philosophy which is “no matter what one accomplishes one always remains a student of life”.

Jessï Racicot “C Rowpop”

Jessï Racicot, called by the name of Crowpop, grew up in St-Jerome. He started dancing at the age of 5 with clips he saw on TV. His interest for dance started growing even bigger in highschool by doing different dance boot camps. He fell in love with the dance of popping while attending his first battle called La Preuve. From there, he began training with Montreal’s well known poppers : FreakwenC and Venom known as MysticRootz today. To this day, he has won many competitions in Montreal and aspires to travel internationally. He represents Glitch Control and South Sho Boogz crew and keeps with him this quote: “always take everything as an experience”.

Christopher Picard-Crevier “C-Pop”

Christopher Picard-Crevier aka C-Pop represents Funisoldierz crew, Legz Crew and Funky By Nature. He started dancing at the age of 19 while living in St-Eustache. He discovers Breaking with FLASH (R.I.P) a member of Legz Crew and decides to learn more. One day FLASH offers him the opportunity to meet his break group. That’s when he fell in love with popping , when he met DKC FREEZE, who’s a pioneer of breaking and popping in Montreal. He then becomes C-Pop’s mentor. Since this meeting, C-Pop has developed a strong interest in Popping and trains alongside Legz Crew and DKC in order to perfect his dance. C-Pop wins many popping battles such as Under Pressure and Gravity Rock. He’s also invited as a battle guest in international events such as Le Cercle in Switzerland. He made many trips to Los Angeles and had the opportunity to do a battle called Freestyle Session accompanied by members of the Electric Boogaloo that are creators of this dance. C-Pop teaches in several studios and continues to exude love for what he does in the world and its surroundings.

Martine Castera “Eclipse”

Martine Castera is a professional dancer who graduated from UQAM in contemporary dance in 2016 and specializes in popping (2012) and whacking. She’s been representing female poppers and being a member of LADIES, from 2013 to 2018, where they participated in various showcases and competitions. She won the battle Cloud Cypher in 2016 as a duo and was invited afterwards, as a guest, in several battles in 2021-2022. Her experience is accompanied by 14 years of practice in karate. In 2017, she perfected her dance in New York as well as participated in the Springboard internship in Montreal. She’s now a freelancer and involved in different ways in the Montreal scene, by participating in various events such as battles, festivals and shows.She also produces her own personal dance pieces such as “Pelures”, “Déglingué” and “Je dis ça, mais je dis rien… ” in several festivals.

Mukoma-K. Nshinga  “J. Style”

Mukoma-K. Nshinga, also known as “J. Style”, was introduced to street dance at the age of 7. His passion was fueled by classic dance movies such as You Got Served. In his teens, he began a thorough training in Popping with montreal’s elite: MonstaPop and Venom. With an insatiable interest for street dance, he embarked on a succession of travels in order to train under world renown dancers, compare his skills on an international scale and add styles to his lexicon, such as FlexN and Hip Hop. His credits include television appearances on Révolution and in several commercials for Gaz Métro, Subway and Tourisme Montréal. He featured as the “Angel of Change” in the trilogy, recipient of the prize for Best Cinematography at the Fantasia International Film Festival, Kin Fables. He’s been a judge at Hit the Floor and has been invited to compete as a Canadian representative in Switzerland, France and Senegal. Nowadays, J. Style divides his time between his digital projects with his collective, N’TERLUDES; his clothing brand, K A N K; and his artistic projects as J. Style the artist. Young with a promising future, Mukoma strives to inspire by paving an unorthodox path true to his way of dancing. 

Mecdy “Mystic Rootz”

Originally from Montreal/Haiti, Mecdy brings his energetic, athletic, and tribal  style internationally. He has represented Canada in various competitions around  the world, organized expressive workshops and dance events and won numerous titles to his credit. Mecdy Jean-Pierre is a choreographer-performer, streetdance teacher specializing  in popping and contemporary dance, evolving within the dance community for  more than fifteen years. He began his career in streetdance competitions in 2005  and then explored different styles and disciplines, such as contemporary dance,  Afro- American dance cultures, drumming, sound healing, sacred geometry,  sacred mantras, and meditation. He is someone who pours his energy and soul into therapeutic dance by expressing  his philosophy of life in various intelligent concepts. Not only is he an elite dancer,  but an extraordinary mentor who has been promoting the Montreal community  since 2005. His style incorporates a high level of conscious movement where he promotes the  reappropriation of the rhythmic body in its anchoring, breath, weight, and  alignment. He has worked with many dance companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Blueprint  dance company, Gad fly, We all fall down and Tentacle Tribe. He has also  appeared in a few dance films such as Sur le Rhythm, Step up All in and FullOut.

Namo “Namco”

Namo aka Namco made his dance debut at the age of 15 while living in France. He discovers breaking and the ” smurf ” and decides to dedicate himself to these styles for several years. When arriving in Montreal (2005), Namo met renowned dancers such as Fish, Fon, Monsta and Boombeast and began to practice popping. He developed a particular interest in waving and began to travel to Los Angeles in order to perfect his dancing. He learns alongside Frantick and Tronick. He joined Funny Bones crew in 2011. Namo wins many popping battles such as Bust a move, Underpressure and Gravity Rock. He is also invited as a judge and “battle guest” in international events such as Book of styles in Washington and Urbanation in Paris. Namo choreographs and performs two solos and a duo which he presents at the 100lux Festival. He also collaborates with several groups of dancers such as MSA, Stairway, and others.

Marie-Anouck “Pixel”

Marie-Anouck, known as Pixel, is a dancer originally from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. She discovered her passion for dance at the age of 11 in a studio located in her hometown. After a few years of competitive dancing, she decided to specialize in popping and freestyle. It was in 2019 that she participated in the second season of the TV show Révolution as a duo, under the name of Digital Animators. She now works with the company Forward Movements and she continues to perfect her style to this day.

James Jacusie Hopson “Popson”

James Jacusie Hopson, also known as Popson is a 21 year old young man raised in the suburbs of Lachine with Guyanese and Canadian origins. At the age of 4, he was introduced to street dance and started with Krump under the name “baby berserk” which he was taught by his uncle “Pez”.Between the age of 4 and 15, he discovers several styles such as Hip-hop, Break, commercial Hip-hop as well as whacking. Today, popping is his main dance style which he has been doing since he was 15 years old. He was taught by Freakwen-C who encouraged him to do his first battle. Since then, he has won several battles, taught at a few studios and even performed and taught in Nunavik.

Romy “Roamz” Denoncourt

Romy “Roamz” Denoncourt began her dance journey with commercial choreography, and her strong interest in freestyle quickly led her to her first popping class in 2017. She then undertook serious training in this style under the mentorship of Anthony” Freakwen-C”. Romy is dedicated to learning the basics but also to developing a thoughtful creative signature. She also became familiar with styles related to popping, such as animation and waving. Romy continues to perfect herself through classes and programs given by masters of the Montreal street dance scene, not only in popping but also in hip-hop. With the knowledge she has in her possession, she aims to master the techniques surrounding popping and hip-hop, while deepening her understanding of the culture surrounding her. She wants to stand out in the battle scene and eventually aims to work on film projects focused on street dance.

Maxime Duquette Morin “Trick-D”

Maxime Duquette Morin, known as Trick-D, specializes in finger tutting, waving tuts and geometric movement. He has been performing and doing street shows since 2017. You can see him performing alongside Selena Gomez in 2016. He’s well known for being one of the first finger tutter in Montreal. He is now part of the Glitch Control crew and continues to push his art form in the street dance community.

Hammani Walid “Waldo”

Hammani Walid, born in Montreal and from Moroccan origins, grew up in Montreal-Nord. He fell in love with Electro dance at the age of 15. After a few years of development and learning the style, he began to travel with his group to represent Canada at the Electro Dance Championship in France. He returned to France the following year to represent Canada, this time , participating in the Vertifight World 1v1. At the age of 20, Walid deepens his knowledge in dance and discovers Breaking. His new skills allowed him to enrich his vocabulary. He undertakes trips around the world to discover Hip Hop culture, where he gets his artist name Waldo. To this date, Waldo utilizes several styles that make him a versatile dancer such as Electro, Break, Locking and Popping. He’s known for winning several battles. He continues to travel around the world by participating in various international battles to represent his city, his country and his crew Funky By Nature.

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