In Person event

JOAT Popping

/ in co-production with Danse Danse

8:30 PM EST
1225 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2S6

Event Information

This year, JOAT will host no less than three battles in three different dance styles: popping (JOAT’s specialty and the origin of the festival), hip-hop and break. The battles are one of the emblematic elements of the JOAT festival. On Sunday September 4th, 8:30 pm, the famous popping battle awaits you.

Come and see the great international street dance encounters in which dancers will come from all over the world to participate. High caliber dancers, in a fierce confrontation, will put their guts on the stage and give everything they have in front of you in this fiery evening. In a one-on-one format, dancers will take turns improvising to the music chosen live by the DJ. The whole thing will be hosted by an MC who will entertain you throughout the evening. On-site master judges will select the winners of each category.

Who will impress the audience and the judges? Come and find out!


  • Bopping Andre / United States 🇺🇸
  • Nelson / France 🇫🇷
  • My-Linh / United States 🇺🇸

Prelims / To participate

🕑 Inscriptions : 5:00 pm, Prelims start at 6:00 pm
📍Esplanade of Place des Arts
🎟️ All participants must purchase a general admission ticket to the battle to participate to the prelims. Dancers will have to show their tickets to participate to the prelims.


All dancers from around the world are invited to participate in the prelims. 14 dancers will be selected to be part of the top 16. 


What makes JOAT battles special?

In order to differentiate itself from the more conventional battles offered in large numbers to street dancers, JOAT created original and different concepts that allow to encompass all the different skills that a dancer must have in his own style. Thus, the dancer who participates in a JOAT battle will be given concepts related to different techniques of his or her dance style. JOAT allows the dancers to test their limits and abilities, to see the versatility of the dancers and to test their full capabilities.

The 6 concepts


Robotics, Animation, Mechanics & FX (effects): An exploration that surrounds mechanical, illusory movements, stop-motion, stops and the creation of characters through these techniques.

Examples of styles and techniques : Robot, Dime Stops, Ticking, Strobing, Clinkin, Pantomime, Speed Control, Animation, Slow Motion, Vibrating, Character, Story Telling, Puppet, Scarecrow etc. 


Wave-like movement and style.

Examples of styles and techniques: Tidal Wave, Snaking, Cobra, Arm Waves, Body Waves, Body Cracks, Torpedoes, Layout Waves, Boogaloo Rolls, Wormin, Liquid dance etc. 


This category focuses on the impact effect in the body created by muscle contraction and/or firm stops.

Examples of styles and techniques: Hittin, Popping, Boppin, Chest Bops, Bam, Bangin, Ticking, Hard Dime, Posin, Picture Posin, The Slot, Creepin, Fresno, Stickin’ etc.


This category puts forward linear and geometric movements and positioning.

Examples of styles and techniques: Tutting, Toyman, Finger tuts, Grid, Connectin’.


Here the dancer’s mobility is firmly tested. This is a section of the challenge where the dancer must focus his/her attention on the legs.

Examples of styles and techniques: Crazy Legs, Egyptian Twist, Glides, Floats, Slides, Steppin’, Fades, Pacman, Shootdowns, Knee Drop, Hooks, Lunges, Squats, W’s, Half splits, Slinky, Knee rocks, Knee Slides etc.


These dances were created in the soul/funk era. That’s why groove is so important. Also, given the evolution of African-American culture, the dancers can also be inspired by groove found in other musical styles or street dance styles. There is no style associated with this category. The important points are the groovy feeling and interpretation while remaining within the precise JOAT game dance “aesthetic”.

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